Table Team: SPO S. Baker

Ready, Set... Time to Say Please and Thank You Again.

“Nationwide adopted a family of a Military Veteran and they purchase some gifts for the family.  My wife and I inquired deeper and found that they had a son that was sleeping on the floor.  We gave up our spare room bedroom set so this child had a place to sleep.  I also took this opportunity to use the Secret Santa money for them. When the bed was delivered, the Nationwide employee took the time to explain the Secret Santa money and that it was given by a generous person to several DMPD officers to make a families Christmas a little brighter. The Veteran stopped and began to cry, then blurted out ‘God Bless the Des Moines Police Department’  she hugged the Nationwide representative.  The money allowed her family to have a nice meal, something that is not always a guarantee.”

SPO S. Baker
Table Team Member,
Des Moines Police Department