Table Team: Officer D. Lor

Ready, Set... Time to Say Please and Thank You Again.

I used the $100 to buy 200 pounds of rice for a new refugee family from Burma with nine children.  I originally thought I would just give the money to one person in need but saw a great need.  Instead of making one person happy, I decided to make the entire family happy by feeding everyone.  This family was very happy to see us doing this for them.  I told them that it was not from me and that I was just a messenger.  It was from a “Secret Santa”.  The family told me to tell the Secret Santa, “Thank you for the wonderful gift that will last them for a few months down the road and may God bless the Secret Santa.”

I just want Dr. Tice to know that this family came to United States with nothing, just like when I came to United States back in 1978.  There are more in need in the Des Moines area and I wish I could help them all.  Unfortunately, financial resources are very limiting.  It was my opinion, the family where I saw the biggest need, should come first.   I also gave $50.00 out of my own pocket to an elderly veteran to buy himself a nice dinner or gift.

Please tell Dr. Tice that I wish that we have more people like her who are willing to help others without a question of the people status.  May God bless her and family for the year of 2017 with prosperity and joy.
Thank you!