Etiquette Iowa is pleased to present: COTILLION IOWA

Kotil-yon. 1766 ad. French – The name of several dances, chiefly of French origin, consisting of a variety of steps.

Etiquette Iowa offers cotillion programs in the central Iowa area. Our cotillions are based at your school and offer your students the opportunity to learn everyday manners, social confidence and dances of today and yesterday. Our programs are 6 weeks and end with a five course dinner/dance. Our etiquette lessons are taught by Etiquette Iowa and our dance lessons are taught by a professional dancer. We feel it is important your students learn these skills from experts in each field. Call now to inquire about your school or organization.

Etiquette Lessons
Week I: First Impressions and what is etiquette? Body language.
Week II: Introductions, cellular telephones, telephone etiquette.
Week III: Grooming, appearance and modesty.
Week IV: Table/Dining etiquette.
Week VI: Optional: Manners in Motion Dinner at area restaurant.

Dance Lessons
Traditional beginning ballroom dancing: waltz, foxtrot, samba, etc.

In dance, there is an emphasis on a strong core, good posture and proper body alignment. Those dance skills translate to every day living in terms of focus, flexibility and balance. An experienced dancing professional will teach the dance lessons.

Manners in Motion Dinner:
For an additional fee, your child can join their instructor for a Manners in Motion Dinner at an area restaurant. Your child will need to call in their RSVP for the dinner, dress appropriately and put all of their new-found dining skills into action.

Each child will receive a graduation certificate upon successful completion of the Cotillion.