Dr. Patricia Tice

Dr. Patricia Tice, of Etiquette Iowa

Etiquette Iowa's owner, Dr. Patricia Tice, has received formal training in manners and civility. Dr. Tice holds the Bachelor and Master's degrees in Education from Iowa State University and a doctorate in Counseling from Oxford Graduate School. She has worked in business as a human resources trainer and researcher. She has also worked in education as a counselor for at-risk youth in elementary, middle school and high school. In 1990, Dr. Tice used her good manners and social skills to host Sir Paul and Linda McCartney during their World Tour in Ames, Iowa. In 2006, Dr. Tice was selected as Professor of the Year for Upper Iowa University-Des Moines Center, where she teaches psychology to adult learners. Called Iowa's Miss Manners by The Des Moines Register, Dr. Tice is known as an expert in etiquette and civility. She was instrumental in establishing The First Lady Teas at Iowa's Governor's Mansion, Terrace Hill. Patricia believes that good manners never go out of style.

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Dr. Patricia Tice, of Etiquette Iowa, is an etiquette consultant that provides:
  • Children's manners classes
  • Private etiquette lessons for families
  • Business Etiquette Presentations
  • Professional Image and Attire
  • One on one image and impression consulting
  • Dining Tutorials

Way Of Life

Etiquette Iowa knows that manners are a way of life. "Etiquette is not about impressing people, it is about using kindness, courtesy, and respect in every part of our daily lives."
- Melenie Broyles founder of Etiquette Saint Louis and co-author of The Little Pink Book of Etiquette.

Good manners should be a way of life, and practicing such manners gives one the confidence to feel comfortable in social and business situations.

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